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Steve, Jo, Natalie & Laura Grove

Location:  Chingola, Zambia
Mission Organisation:  Echoes International

Work Overview:  Steve and Jo studied and met in Northampton. After marrying, they committed themselves to serve the Lord in Zambia. Their vision is to share the gospel with various age groups, encouraging understanding and a lifestyle that reflects the bible’s teaching.

Today they are involved in Christian outreach and aid work, teaching and discipleship of local young people, along with teaching & discipleship at Amano Christian School. In addition to the above, Steve is responsible for the distribution of goods sent from Europe to help in various Zambian aid projects.

Alan and Valerie Kyle

Location: Hanches, France
Mission Organisation: Echoes International

Work Overview:  Helping a church that had experienced serious internal problems resulting in reduced activities and attendance. With God's help we are assisting the fellowship in a rebuilding process. We praise God that attendance has increased more than fourfold over the past 6 years. Our involvement is in in all areas of local church life including pastoral care, teaching, ladies work (Valerie), young people and music (Valerie). Alan is also involved in a Christian bookshop and in a local Christian hostel.

Jim and Christine Memory

Location:  Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba, Spain
Mission Organisation:  European Christian Mission International

Work Overview:  Jim and Christine Memory have been missionaries with ECM since 1994. For fourteen years they were church planting in the south of the province of Córdoba, Spain.  They returned to the UK for eight years but went back to Spain in February 2017. They are based in a small town of 14,000 people from which they carry out their different ministry roles, continue to build friendships and provide support for a local church.

Jim is a member of the International Leadership Team of ECM.  He is part of the Field Ministries Executive Team, the group that supervises the work of ECM missionaries across Europe, and he also leads the Vision and Strategy Group which has facilitated the development of ECM’s new strategic plan.  Alongside his ECM responsibilities, Jim teaches the European modules on the MA in Contemporary Missiology at Redcliffe College (UK) and is one of the founding editors of Vista, Redcliffe’s research-based journal on crucial issues for mission in Europe.  He is a regular speaker at conferences on mission in Europe and is currently leading a research project on measuring the missionality of the churches in Spain in association with the Lausanne Movement.  

Apart from acting as Jim's PA, helping him to organise his busy schedule, Christine also has various ECM administration and organisational roles. These include being a member of both the Biennial Conference Planning Group and the Ministry Direction Group, as well as running a pastoral group for ECM missionaries in the south of Córdoba.

Carrie Hollands

Location: Northampton
Mission Organisation: Echoes International / Jews for Jesus and various others

Work Overview:  In the recent past Carrie has been involved in various mission endeavours.She has worked in Isreal for a number of years and continues to actively support thatwork with occassional visits and regular communication with contacts made. Carrie has also helped in an orphanage work in Kenya. She is involved in student support ministry and work here in Northampton and is an active member of our fellowship.


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